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15 October, 2012

A great weekend . . .

Thank you for praying!  We appreciated your prayer as we traveled.  Saturday the traffic was thick and slow, mostly due to attendees at the soccer match between Uganda and Zambia.  Our slow travel might have been frustrating to some but we enjoyed the time to see many things along the route, ranging from little shops to scenic fields of sugar cane.  Our vehicle worked very well.  We really enjoyed getting out of Kampala and seeing the countryside.
We were blessed to be with our missionary colleagues. They are excellent hosts.  We enjoyed playing, chatting, eating, pondering and praying together.  The visit was altogether refreshing for us.

Sunday we were warmly welcomed into the church.  The Ugandans were pleased that Jeff began his talk in Luganda, introducing himself, mentioning our family and telling why we are in Uganda.  He then explained that since he is a student of the language he would proceed in English.  At the close of his use of Luganda they cheered for him.  That was very affirming! Jeff felt the help of the Lord in speaking what God laid on his heart.  Again, thank you so much for covering the service in prayer.  God’s spirit was evident in the service.

Jeff posted some photos from the church service, as well as some of Lake Victoria as seen from the location of the church (see the link on the left).  

Again, thank you so much for your prayer.  We appreciate you!
Christine, for Jeff too

12 October, 2012

A couple of firsts

Time for a new first in Uganda! We are packing a suitcase to go visit friends overnight.  We have done lots of unpacking our first six weeks in Uganda but this is the first time we have needed to pack a suitcase for travel.  It is rather exciting J  Last night we mentioned to each other that it has been years since we have had six weeks at home without needing to go anywhere overnight.  Wow!

We are excited to get outside our compound gate and off our “beaten path” we have traveled these first weeks as we get to know where to shop, where to visit friends and attend meetings.  Today we are headed to Jinja, a town about 1-2 hours away.  It will be fun to visit a WGM family in their home!  We are eager to be with their kids as we have time to relax and “play” together.  Our fellow missionaries are ministering in the greater Jinja (click) area, including on Buvuma Island (click to see more about the ministries).  We look forward to hearing more from their hearts!  Please pray for our safety in travel and for us to be a blessing to the Burke family!

Tomorrow, Sunday, Jeff has been asked to preach in one of the Africa Gospel Churches in the Jinja area.  This is the first time for him to preach in Uganda.  God has given him words to share with the congregation there.  The title of the sermon is “All I ever need, has already been provided.”  Jeff plans to give his greetings and introductions in Luganda.  That will be another first. Please pray for God to speak through Jeff and minister to the hearts of those listening.  More than anything we desire to join God at work in connecting people to Jesus!

Thank you for praying.  Mwebale musaba!
Christine, for Jeff too