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Praying For Us

We are grateful God has asked so many people to stand with us in prayer as we serve in Uganda. prayer is vitally important to the work God is doing in and among the people of Uganda.   

Below, find a couple of resources which you may find helpful when praying for us and/or for the ministries of World Gospel Mission and Africa Gospel Church in Uganda.

Daily Prayer Guide

Below find ongoing prayer requests for each day of the week.  We trust these will help you prayer "through the week" for us.   If God directs you to "stand in the gap" through prayer a specific day or everyday of the week, please let us know by sending us an email at jeff.stanfield@wgm.org.

Diligence in our personal relationships with God

Keeping Christ’s presence at the center of our lives is our primary need. Pray that each of us will:

  • Maintain a strong prayer life
  • Listen to and obey the Holy Spirit
  • Study God’s word
  • Worship God with our whole hearts
  • Continue to become more Christ-like

Physical and emotional protection 

Satan tries to destroy ministry through physical and emotional issues. Please pray
for good health. It is likely we will travel often. Pray for safety. Please also pray for stamina and a right sense of priority. Please prayerfully cover us for health, safety and well-being continually. Pray against illness, discouragement, loneliness and depression. Pray we will long for the things of God and not of this world.

Protection of family members and relationships 

Pray for our family relationships—husband/ wife, parent/child, etc. Pray we will reflect Christ in all our relationships, serving one another. Pray for us against temptations that destroy families. Pray for Chris and Lizz Bramble and their daughter Acacia (due to be born in July 2012). Pray for their spiritual growth and protection, health, safety and parenting. Pray that Acacia will grow to know and love Jesus. Pray too that their family life will provide an excellent model for local Christians and the unsaved. Please pray for Brambles against the temptations that destroy families.
Pray for Chris Stanfield. Pray for his spiritual growth and protection, health and safety. Pray that Chris will be used of the Lord to influence many others for God’s purpose as he strives to model Christ. Please pray against the temptations that destroy young men.

Jeff’s dad and both of Christine’s parents are living. Please pray for our parents. Pray for their spiritual growth and protection, as well as health and safety. Pray they will continue to reflect Christ in all they do and say, finding God’s purpose in every day.

Our ability to communicate

We desire to connect people to Jesus. Whether communicating with our life or lips, we must be understood. Learning a new language and adapting to a new culture are frustrating and can be difficult but are essential to good communication. We desire to learn well the language of Luganda. Please pray for a quickening of our minds and tongues to understand and speak Luganda. Please pray for us to adapt culturally to identify with the Ugandans. Getting close to the local people and understanding them means adjusting our lifestyle and cultural preferences. Pray we can do so with grace. Pray we will have the stamina and understanding to demonstrate Christ cross-culturally.

Effectiveness in ministry

Remember to pray for what we are actually doing: training, visiting, teaching, sharing, mentoring, administrating, etc.—and pray for the people we are ministering to. Pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare hearts and minds to receive his teaching/training, etc. Please pray for boldness, open doors, open hearts and excellence in the effort. Most of all, ask the Holy Spirit to empower us for effectiveness in connecting people to Jesus.

Protection of team relationships

We are not serving on our own. In Uganda we team up with other missionaries, local believers, pastors and leaders. In reality, this mix of personalities designed to strengthen the ministry can sometimes be used of Satan to weaken it. Poor team relationships can ruin ministry. Pray for all our fellow team members. Pray we all appreciate and sharpen one another in good and healthy ways. Pray for clear communication with hearts and attitudes indicative of servanthood.

Not all of our ministry team members are in Uganda. Some are called to serve from within the U.S. Please pray we will be diligent to strengthen our relationships with and serve well the members in the U.S. too.

Uganda, surrounding nations and Africa Gospel Church

The political situation, the government and its leaders, freedom to preach the gospel—all of these are important factors in connecting people to Jesus. You can also pray that the whole region will open up in responsiveness to the gospel. Pray for Africa Gospel Church to be effective in reaching people for Christ. Pray for Christians to be strong in the Lord, consistent in reflecting Christ accurately. Pray for the Lord to send laborers into the harvest field of Uganda, reaching out to neighboring nations. Pray for discernment in investigating ministry opportunities. Pray for faithfulness to God’s call to help all people hear of God’s love and salvation.

WGM Uganda - Current Prayer needs
The following Internet blog is for the sharing of current needs of WGM and AGC in Uganda. The information here will guide you as you pray for the ministries, missionaries and nationals in Uganda.