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13 October, 2011

Oh! Ohhhh!

Fall is our favorite season of the year.  Experiencing Fall in the Willamette Valley of Oregon makes it the best!  The crisp, cool air and resultant leaf color changes give image to Fall.  It always reminds us that God put order into his creation.  He is the God of order, not of chaos or confusion.  His creation gives evidence of this all throughout, but Fall is particularly poignant, I think.

Maple leaves
Salmon return to their birthing place to spawn.  Geese migrate.  Tree nuts mature and drop to the ground.  Squirrels store up winter supplies.  Apples sweeten, bursting with flavor and color.  Farm animals put on heavier coats.  Chrysanthemums bloom brilliantly.   “That men may know from the rising to the setting of the sun that there is no one besides Me.”  (Isaiah 45:6, NASB)  All of creation moves together like a well-rehearsed symphony harmoniously following a “maestro” conductor.

Hazelnuts on the ground waiting for harvest
Yesterday we experienced anew these views of Fall while exploring outside  with our one-year old  great nephew.  He toddled around outside in the crisp air, stopping to bend over and look at red and yellow leaves on the ground while exclaiming, “Oh!  Ohhh!” while sporting a big grin of wonderment.  Upon hearing geese calling in the sky he quickly looked upward, pointed, and again gave his familiar, “Oh!  Ohhhh!”    It seemed everything drew him in with wonder and excitement.

We are in a new season of our lives.  Our children are all in college or beyond.  We are transitioning from serving in Kenya to serving in Uganda.  We want to embrace this change of seasons with the same wonder and excitement as our nephew, noticing what God is doing and exclaiming, “Oh!  Ohhh!” while sporting a big grin of wonderment!