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21 February, 2012

A bag of carrots and so much more!

We opened a bag of carrots from Bolthouse Farms today.  For most people, this wouldn’t mean anything.   It reminded us of meeting one of those Bolthouse men when we first arrived at Tenwek in 1990.  He was there as a doctor-in-training.  We felt a kindred spirit with him from California and us from Oregon.  He and his lovely wife were very welcoming to us and we enjoyed hearing their stories during our first days at Tenwek.

Opening that bag of carrots opened a flood of memories, including  arriving in a new place,  missing the familiar,  feeling welcomed,  finding a connection and reflecting on God’s provision. 

Some years before our arrival at Tenwek, God brought a son to the Bolthouse family.  The son grew and went to college and then to medical school.  He married a lovely young lady.  They decided to do a rotation at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya.   God called a young couple from Oregon to serve him in Kenya.  He planned it just so they would arrive when the Bolthouses were there.  God plans ahead-- way, way ahead.  He works for our good.  We can’t be reminded of that too often!

We opened a bag of carrots today.  It is amazing the ways God reminds us of his faithfulness.