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05 April, 2012

It's the leaving . . .

I awakened with the dawning realization it really is the leaving. I don’t like leaving. It just keeps getting harder and harder. Since Linda left us behind in her recent leaving, I don’t even like the word!  We need to be thinking of our leaving for Uganda in August, but I just can’t right now. It is far too painful, too much to bear.  It really is the leaving. 

Yet in this Holy Week I ponder again that Jesus Christ chose to drink the cup that had my name on it.  He picked it right up and entered into all it contained, including the leaving. Jesus suffered the leaving of God, suffered that absolute separation from the One he most loved. Jesus entered into that leaving, suffered that God-forsaken time and place. That is what Jesus dreaded most when he considered the possibility of letting the cup pass.  It really is the leaving. And he did it for me.
Oh thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus!  I can endure all other leavings save for God.  Thank you for taking my cup, drinking my leaving, so I never have to. Through Christ I can bear my leavings for I have a sure knowing that you will never leave me, will never forsake me.

It really is the leaving.  I know that now. And I don’t have to.  I needn’t worry.  He already did it.



c hammer said...

tears...praising God that He has made that provision for us, that He has put us before His own comfort, His own connections with His Father!