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12 May, 2012

Grateful, Appreciative and Thankful

Grateful.  Appreciative.  Thankful.  Blessed. These are a few words to describe how we are feeling.        
  • Grateful for safety in travel and for health  
  • Appreciative for the training we received in Community Health                                   Empowerment (CHE).   Find out more about CHE by going to:  www.cheuganda.org
  • Thankful to have time with family and friends in Indiana, celebrating our daughter’s           university graduation and the advent of our granddaughter            
  • Thankful Chris S. thought his first weeks of work went well
  • Blessed to have so many dear friends joining with God in what He is doing in Africa

We are excited to put the CHE model we are learning to use in Uganda!  Joining with so many other missions folks during our week of learning enabled us to hear stories of lasting transformation witnessed in lives and communities where CHE has been used of the Lord.  It was great!!  Thank you for praying!

This past week we celebrated Lizz’s graduation, grateful to be there.  We joined with Chris Bramble’s family and enjoyed being together.  This weekend we celebrated the advent of our granddaughter at a baby shower.  Woo hoo for celebrations in life, testifying of God’s faithfulness and provision!!

We are grateful for the opportunity this past week to visit dear friends in Iowa.  Sharing testimonies, praying together and catching up on lifes’ stories with these folks we love blessed us richly! We returned to Indiana refreshed and encouraged. 

Wednesday of this next week we will travel to Florida and be there a week to visit more folks who have joined God in what He is doing in Africa.  We look forward to sharing with them!  Please continue to pray for our safety and health throughout our travels, and that we will be a blessing to others.

Grateful.  Appreciative.  Thankful.  Blessed.  That’s us!!  Thank you for being part of them all J

Jeff and Christine