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11 June, 2012

Making a list . . . .

About two months from now we will be on a plane headed to Uganda!  That is good news!  However, it means the weeks between now and then are BUSY.  It means we have lots of lists going and we check them often!

We have lists of what to be sure to do before we get on that plane.  They include health screenings and sorting through stuff we’ve had in storage through the years.  Getting this one ready to cross off the list has been both fun and tedious.  We’ve discovered forgotten treasures, laughed over photos, teared up reading sentimental cards, and tried to remember why we thought “that” was so special.  Not ready to get rid of this list yet! 

We also have lists of what we want to purchase in this country, including chocolate chips, linens, shoes, computer stuff, garden seeds, etc.  We try to carry this list with us at all times so when we see a bargain we know if it is on our list or not J

Other lists we frequently revise include menus aimed at using up the food we have in our freezer and cupboards, questions to ask our co-workers in Uganda, and ideas on “what to share where” throughout out travels and speaking schedule.

We feel like we are living in several time zones at once trying to keep up with ourselves J  We are planning for time in Uganda, arranging for closing up time in Oregon, planning for the arrival of our sweet granddaughter next month, helping Chris plan for next school year, etc.   And we have a list (at least mentally) for each of these and more! 

In the midst of our busyness of mind and body we frequently call ourselves to check one list that helps put us back in balance; keeps us from getting lost in all the listed things of our days.  This is the list given in Philippians 4:8.  A list of those things on which we are to think:  “whatever is pure, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.”  (NASB) 

It’s not wrong to have many lists.  It isn’t wrong to check them.  It is wrong to let them consume us.  It is wrong to worry over the items on them and spend all our mental energy trying to figure out how to accomplish them.  God’s word tells us where we need to discipline our minds to dwell.  He knows what we need to be balanced, what we need to experience His peace.  We are so grateful He wrote the most important list and gave it to us to read, for our good!


Emily said...

Didn't know how much I needed this reminder til I read it! :-)

Love you SOOOOOO much!!!