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21 August, 2012

Too blessed to hold it all in!

On the eve of our departure for Uganda we feel too blessed to hold it all in.  Blessed to be with our kids.  Blessed to rock our granddaughter.  Blessed to be invited by God to participate with Him in sharing His love in Uganda, and so much more!

We recently read the letter of a colleague in which she mentioned some “stones of remembrance” noted through recent months.  That is a great idea!  We are borrowing it. Below we lay out some of our stones of remembrance collected through our year of Home Ministry Assignment (HMA).
  • surprise visit by Chris and Lizz Bramble upon our initial arrival in Oregon
  • living close to where Chris Stanfield attends university and where our parents and siblings live
  • many, many gatherings with our parents, siblings, and other family members
  • attending “Sabbath by the Sea” on the Oregon coast
  • participating in a small group of folks intending to become more like Christ
  • watching Chris play basketball
  • attending Lizz’s graduation from university
  • attending the birth of our granddaughter
  • many people helping to get our prayer letters into the mail
  • many folks working together to share in what God is doing in Uganda
  • generosity of so many people
  • ministry time in churches and homes
  • spending time with colleagues in ministry
  • encouragement through friends and family
  • God’s presence ministering to us through our grief
  • the gift of a sense of adventure in new beginnings
  • delightful times with special friends
  • time with all our kids and our granddaughter together as we prepare to fly out tomorrow
  • many people committed to praying for us

There is MUCH MORE we could declare, but you get the idea.  We are blessed beyond all measure…too blessed to hold it all in.  Even as you pray for our safety in travel, for God’s protection over our luggage and for parting grace in once again moving away from our loved ones, we invite you to praise the Lord with us for his many blessings.  Praise the Lord!