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19 January, 2013

A New Experience . . .

New experiences!  Life brings us new experiences almost daily.   For Christine and I the past couple of years have been dotted with new experiences:
  • Our youngest child finished high school
  • Became grandparents for the first time
  • Moved to Uganda
  • Living in a big city
  • Studied (still have lots to learn) the language of Luganda
  • Participated in the recent retreat for World Gospel Mission staff in Jinja (check out pictures on the left) 
Each one of these new experiences brought new opportunities. Some even gave us the opportunity to have some fun (check out the pictures of Jeff on an all terrain vehicle[ATV] Safari)!     One of our greatest joys has been the new experience of building relationships with people around us; people in World Gospel Mission Uganda, in Africa Gospel Church and in the community.   All of these fresh experiences have caused us to learn, to grow and to be challenged.

Throughout these new experiences God reminds me that my experience with Him can be new each day. Through quality time spent with God I can have a fresh encounter with Him. Isaiah 6 gives us the story of Isaiah’s fresh encounter with God.  In the midst of his busy schedule Isaiah experienced a fresh encounter with God. This fresh encounter was “two-way.” As Isaiah sought the Lord, he caught a glimpse of Him, His majesty and His Holiness. Isaiah saw himself as he really was, in need of a special touch.   God in turn reached out and “’touched” Isaiah  and  restored him. 
Even in each routine often scheduled day, there are opportunities to experience fresh experiences with God.  There is so much more to learn as I seek Him along the way.  I'm excited to find those fresh experiences God has for me!   -- Jeff