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19 February, 2013

Relief . . .

One of the hardest parts of transition, and one for which there is no specific timeline, is the unknown. Not knowing. Not being known. No history. Transition.

Last week we were suddenly able to push the “pause” button on our transition and step into the known. Whew! What a relief. It is difficult for us to articulate to each other, let alone to someone else, but what a relief to know!

To know where to expect potholes in the road, to know where to find what we want, to know it will cool off every evening, to know how to greet people and how to respond to their greetings. To have history with those we meet because we have been to their home, we have held their children, we have prayed in their church, we have cried with them in their losses. To have people inquire about our children because they watched them grow as they helped us raise them. To know the schedule and the most likely time to find the people we need to see.  All of this brought relief to our souls and refreshment to our spirits. All because we know and we are known.

As we drove into Kenya and began to rise out of the lake basin into the highlands our sighs were actually audible. They were not breathed out of lack of contentment or out of regret. They were simply breathed in relief. The air was cooler and fresher as we rose into the rural highlands. The signs were in a very familiar language and in those places we had shared memories (history). We recalled “the first time we were here” and “remember visiting the pastor’s home there?” We laughed over stories of our children chasing the little chicks or being relieved to get out of the vehicle and be able to run free in the gardens as we passed through familiar territory.  We shared meals, laughter, information and togetherness with those we know and love. To know. To be known. History. Relief.

Yesterday we pushed the “pause” button again and returned home. Stepping back into transition, yet understanding with relief we know some of here too. We are known by some. We are creating history. We are learning. There is still so much unknown, so much we do not know. But we are in transition and change is happening. And in that knowing there is relief, for which we thank the Lord.


Alice said...

For you today -
Ex 33:17
"....I am pleased with you and I know you by name."

Blessings on you. We're praying for quick release of your things!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear Cousins:-), for this beautiful, vulnerable sharing. It is so important to know the good things in our history should not be forgotten or ignored, because that is what has made us who we are today. Love to you today!

Shelly Everett said...

Dear Jeff and Christine,

Thank you for sharing these sweet thoughts about your visit back to Kenya. Your memories of experiences there are such a gift.
I'm so glad it was uplifting and gave you a renewed energy to continue the "new" work where you are.
With much love,

Linnea B said...

I wonder how heaven will feel. Familiar? Or all new?
I treasure your view on that side of the world. Bless you:
Linnea Brooks