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18 October, 2013

Pondering . . . . .

This time of “breathing space” between travels and teachings gives me time to ponder. Pondering is one of my favorite past times. I enjoy sitting and letting the Lord speak into my ponderings and self-musings. I like thinking about lots of things.

There is much to ponder these days, as always. Toward the top of my “frequents” is the sorrow of nations. Recently it was Kenya. Often it is friends around world who are embattled in disease. Nations of the Middle East repeatedly feature in sorrow of the nations. Government shut downs and political rhetoric send my mind a ponderin’. A couple of weeks ago we attended a church where one of the announcements notified attendees of a called prayer meeting in a neighboring community. They were to gather for corporate prayer against the demons plaguing the people in that area.  I’ve had lots to ponder from that announcement.

It is not uncommon for my ponderings to lead me toward a sense of insecurity. Apprehension may knock on my heart door. There is so much I do not understand, so much I do not know. Knowing only a little can feel threatening. Knowing too much can be a heavy burden.

Inevitably my ponderings morph into prayerful conversation with God. I pour out my heart to Him and listen to receive His heart into mine. I don’t usually have the length of uninterrupted time I wish I had but I am learning more about “pondering on the go.” I am learning to be keen in continuing prayerful conversation at all times. This is valuable for my mind and soul. It is/I am needful at all times.

All in all, my ponderings bring me back (via a Holy Spirit-guided tour) to one profound truth. My God is God-With-Me. Knowing this, knowing Him is enough. It chases apprehension. It brings awareness of security. The Sovereign God is with me. He is the Keeper of my soul. He is. He is with me. Pondering Him-with-me brings rest to my mind. Peace to my heart. Faith to my spirit. Hope to my soul. He restores my perspective.

In these days my “frequents” in pondering include Psalms 103, 104 and 121. I read Isaiah 32 with a growing hope and excitement as “the Spirit is poured out upon us from on high…” I delight in knowing God is with me now! His Spirit is within me. No matter what comes. No matter what happens. No matter what measure of suffering. God is with me. It is well with my soul. My mind is at ease. My pondering does not take me where God does not intend me to go. God is with me. “Let my meditation (pondering) be pleasing to Him.”



Debbie Dingman said...

Thank you, Christine! It brings great peace and delight to know that your God-with-me is also my God-with-me -- He is ever-present everywhere! In Uganda, in Kenya, in Newberg, in Ashland, in Oregon, in Washington DC, in Indiana -- anywhere we can or cannot think of! Our All-powerful, All-seeing, Almighty Lord of all!! I will meditate on this today!