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27 August, 2014

What if ...? Would...?

I enjoy learning as much as I enjoy anything. I like to read and I like to study. I do both whenever I can. In recent months my daily schedule has been flexible enough to allow me snatches of time for these favorite activities. There is a lot of information input processing in my mind, heart and spirit. Jeff helps it all take shape as we talk, share Scripture research and pray together. I am grateful for him in my life!                                                       
Early in August I completed my examination of the book of Daniel. I still don’t have it all sorted out but I know I am learning a lot! Previous to Daniel I slowly moved through a lengthy study in the book of Exodus. There are lots of holy gems there! Many thoughts are rolling around in my head. I notice most of them begin with, “What if?”         

What if we, the Redeemed of the Lord, served our King as Daniel served the kings of Babylon throughout his captivity? What if we carried out the spiritual disciplines as faithfully as Daniel? What if the only thing in us found to accuse and convict us was being guilty of consistent prayer to the Most High God? What if we were as bold as Daniel and his fellow Hebrews in speaking truth, given to us by Truth Himself, to the political leaders of our time?

What if we, the Redeemed of the Most High, proclaimed His kingdom and His righteousness as eagerly as we proclaim our food and entertainment choices? What if we stimulated one another with songs of praise and psalms and testimonies of God’s faithfulness as willingly as we challenge one another with good causes? What if we poured blessings over others as boldly as we pour cold water? What if we made known our repentance and God’s forgiveness as often as we make known our disdain for others’ choices and actions? What if we wanted others to know as much about God’s work in our hearts as we want them to know what we went and what we did today?

What if we took God at His word and did all things without grumbling or complaining? What if we did not think of ourselves more highly than others? What if we had the attitude of Christ Jesus in all things? What if our thoughts centered on what is good, right, pure, lovely and…? What if it was obvious to others that we are disciples of Jesus Christ because of how we love each other?

What if we worked as hard to prepare for the culture of heaven as we do to keep from sacrificing any of the comforts of our own culture? What if we lived like the Church of Acts and there was no disparity between neighbors? What if we really, really were sharing, kind, patient, humble, gentle, forgiving and longsuffering?

These things I ponder. What if? And then I wonder, would…?

If we did these things, would our social media postings, tweets, likes and comments look any different than they do now? If we did these things, would the news media have any different stories to report? If we did these things, would there be fewer hungry, lonely, homeless, thirsty and ill people in the world?

If we did these things, would missionaries get to be like Moses, who told his contributors to stop giving because he had already received enough donations to fully fund the mission? If we did these things would we look at others and, like Christ, feel compassion for them? If we did these things, would our world be completely different? If we did these things, would it be as in God’s word, that others would see our good works and glorify God?

Hmmm, what if…? Would…? I wonder and I pray. “Oh Head over all, create in us a clean heart. Give us, Your Church, pure and God-centered hearts. Transform us into Your likeness, oh Bridegroom, so that we reflect you accurately. Let it be so and let it begin with me.”