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16 October, 2015


Nine weeks ago today Jeff came home from the hospital. He heroically endured open heart surgery and has the scar to prove it. Here he is standing beside a photo of his cardiac surgeon.

My husband, my Hero of the Scar. Last evening we spent some time reflecting on our travel and heroes along this road of recovery. Jeff has come a long way in these nine weeks!

When he first came home it was a struggle for him to walk out to the driveway and back. Now he walks several miles a day. He works hard in cardiac rehabilitation exercise classes at least three times a week. Here is a picture of Jeff wired up for heart monitoring, ready to start his rehab work out.

In rehab Jeff is among others heroically fighting to gain strength and stamina of heart and body. I attended class with Jeff earlier this week and my spirit was deeply moved to see Jeff and his classmates all working diligently, against many odds, sweating to regain what has been lost to cardiovascular disease/disorders. They are all heroes for sure.

Jeff is now sufficiently recovered that we have more time to do what feels normal to us. We are able to spend time with friends and family, talking of God’s faithfulness and sufficiency. Today we are excited to spend time with some of our missionary family, heroes of ours, and attend missions-focused meetings.

Our daily rhythm as we travel our road of recovery still includes plenty of “down time” for restorative rest. Jeff is learning ever better to pay attention to what his body tells him. Our conversations during walks and rest periods include discussions of being in Uganda.

Our heads are up and we are looking forward, all the while keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus as we live in each present moment. Our hearts are full of gratitude and we delight in recounting God’s faithful provision, much of which comes through God’s people, the Body of Christ. They, too, are heroes every one. Thank you!