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29 December, 2015

Where We Live

We are so excited to go! We are so sorry to leave! Herein is the tension where we live.

Our hearts and minds and spirits are eager to be in Uganda, settling once again into the relationships and roles we love. I find myself looking forward to the really big things, like hugging my African friends and working alongside my missionary friends. I find myself mentioning the little things, like getting to use my own kitchen utensils and not feeling cold when I go outside. We are so excited to go!

But we are so sorry to leave. Our hearts and minds and spirits are very reluctant to separate from here, leaving people and relationships we love. I find myself already missing the really big things, like shared prayer times with my parents and hugs from our children and grandchildren. I find myself mentioning the little things, like general ease in completing banking/shopping and in driving. We are so sorry to leave!

But even with this tension, even with the pain of separation from those we love here, we know it is right. We should be in this place. It is life-giving in greater measure than it is life-draining. The joy comes after the sorrow. It is right and we are willing to go through the sorrow, knowing joy follows.

We allow ourselves to feel the sorrow. We don’t ignore it. We acknowledge grief as a traveling companion in our journey of transition. We connect this companion to Jesus and He lightens the burden. He covers for us. He fills the gaps. He is enough.

 So even though grief is a companion, knowing Jesus is even closer allows our aching hearts to find comfort as we remember…
  •  recent time spent with our granddaughter, skipping down grocery aisles hand-in-hand, laughing from the sheer joy of being together; sharing Christmas music dance parties, sometimes even wearing antlers; singing, “Jesus Loves Me” over and over as we drove along  

  • hugs and snuggles with our grandson, laughing at his antics and marveling as he discovered independent mobility for the first time; distracting him from tearful thoughts helped distract us from the same 

  • shared conversations, hugs, worship, prayer, activities, meals and so much more with parents, kids, siblings and their families

  • special meet-ups with friends who stick close; shared celebrations, heart-aches and prayers

  • worship and learning with kindred followers of Jesus

  • quiet and beauty as we abide in green woods beside still waters

  • joy in serving, peace in risk-taking, healing after surgery, contentment in following

For all these and more we give thanks. We are excited to go. We are sorry to leave. This is where we live and we count it a privilege. 



suzylivingston said...

Oh my, this is so true. We are leaving Jan 19 and I am awash with the same thoughts and prayers. Really, truely hope to connect with you in Uganda or Kenya. Suzanne L

Unknown said...

Blessings as you coming back to the amazing work God has given you both. I loved seeing you and knowing you were near!! Lesta