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26 May, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

It was beautiful, it was hard work and I was a hot mess at times. Tuesday afternoon was the Mothers’ Day celebration at Jangu Omulise, a ministry of Uniquely Woven with Doors Ministry. Women began arriving as soon as the door to the open air community meeting room was unlocked. By the time the gate was closed there were somewhere between 150-200 mamas crowded in, sitting closely together on benches, chair and mats on the floor. It was beautiful!

But serving that many women is hard work. Many volunteers showed up, including myself, willing to help however needed. We counted the gift bags to be sure we had enough. Re-useable sanitary pads were packed into the gift bags. A kilogram of rice was then added to each bag. Benches were unstacked and set up in the meeting room. Chairs were placed and mats unfolded. Tables were arranged and speaker plugged in. Excitement mounted. “Happy Mothers’ Day” was spoken often.

Women were individually greeted and welcomed. Blood pressures were checked. Food was prepared and carried in. Smiles and handshakes were shared. Laughter flowed and grace abounded. Praises rang out and worship carried our hearts far above that community meeting room. God’s Word was opened to us all and the Holy Spirit moved. Hands were raised and prayers were offered. Salvation was received and burdens were lifted. It was beautiful and I was a hot mess. The Spirit of God was upon us. 

 We demonstrated the use and care of the reusable sanitary pads. They smiled and cheered when they heard of their personal gifts. They raised their voices and said, “Thank you!” to the women in America who honored mothers in their lives by giving so these mamas could have this help. It was beautiful (and a little funny as we demonstrated use of the pads---they kept glancing over to the male volunteers).

Songs were sung and dancing broke out. Food was served and fellowship shared. Sodas were taken and gratitude flowed. Gift bags were handed out and farewells spoken. It was hard work. It was beautiful. And I was a hot mess at times. Happy Mothers’ Day!



lovesafrica said...

So beautiful!! I love it! Thanks, Christine.