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26 August, 2015

A Roundabout on the Road of Recovery

We are tired. Jeff is nearly three weeks post-operative and doing well in most aspects, but his sleep pattern is not yet re-established to his normal. Pain isn’t the issue. Being post cardiac surgery is the issue. All systems of his body are going through reset, and we read that sleeping is one behavior that is not quick to reset to normal.

So it feels like we are stuck in a roundabout, not quite getting to where we move forward on this road. But we haven’t stopped! Jeff continues to walk several times a day, adding up to at least 60 minutes of walking. We often drive to town so he can walk on even, flat ground. Sometimes he walks the gravel roads in our wooded setting. It has more ups and downs but he manages them well. The scenery is peaceful, giving rest along the way.

The surgeon’s nurse told Jeff last week he is doing very well. He was released to increase his activity as tolerated, given hints for increasing sleep, encouraged to continued deep breathing and coughing and ideas to try to increase his appetite. His wounds all look great and give every appearance of healing without complication.

Then we hit a bump in the roundabout. Jeff spiked a fever last night. His body temperature reached the number making it a must to let the nurse know. Jeff had a couple of conversations with her today. We all agree. No obvious reason for the spike in temperature, so let’s watch and see where it goes from here. Keep doing all the right things. Stay on the road.

So today we are resting more, reading aloud and looking for shade in which to walk. The environmental heat is too much for our weary bodies. The cool of shade brings refreshment for our pace and our minds. We enjoy leisurely strolling together, adding up steps and minutes as we strive to get through this portion of the road of recovery.

Every night we write out our list of things for which we give thanks. It nearly always includes the many people praying for us. We need it and folks give it. The faithful persevere so we can move forward on this road. We are forever grateful.


Lynne Barry said...

Continued prayers for you guys!

Krystal said...

Continuing to pray. Keep up the hard work! Cardiac surgery is no joke, and you are doing all the right things!

Nancy Almquist said...

Continuing to pray for recovery - healing and peace on the journey.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are going well! We at Lifeliners continue to pray for recovery. God be with you both!
Darleen Cole