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13 August, 2015

Learning is a Continuous Process

Thank you for praying for relief of Jeff's nausea! It was a bit relieved when I went to rest Tuesday night, but it came back in a surge through the night. When I arrived Wednesday morning, Jeff, his nurse and I agreed to try more unconventional dosing to try to get him lasting relief. So, off I went to a grocery store to buy Jeff a Coke. (They had not wanted him to have Coke before, for very valid reasons, but it was time to change course.)

Sure enough, within a few milliliters slowly sipped Jeff began to get relief. Through the morning he completed the Coke and he has not experienced much nausea since. One again Coke proves it worth in my lineup of effective therapeutics. :-)

Through the course of Wednesday Jeff put in three laps around the unit. He went through his paces with a respiratory therapist and a physical therapist, each giving us very helpful information. An occupational therapist helped him practice how to best dress and undress, how to get in and out of the shower at home and how to pace his activity with rest. These are all important things to learn for adequate protection of his severed-now-healing sternum. Jeff also enjoyed visiting with loved ones stopping by to offer prayer and support. What an encouragement!

Today (Thursday) the final tubes and wires used for administration of medication and internal monitoring were removed. He is a free man! Jeff is no longer tethered to any devices (except the mobile heart monitor that fits in a pocket of his hospital gown). This also means he no longer has to have his blood checked every hour, which is a most welcome change .

We have been told we are on target for discharge home tomorrow. Yay! Please pray for keen minds to learn all we need to today as we continue with therapists, nutritionist, and others. It is also vitally important Jeff get adequate rest in between all activities. His stamina is low, which is totally expected and normal at this junction in the road of recovery. We need to learn the right pace to his days.

We say a huge, "THANK YOU," to the people praying for us. We are doing well and we are rejoicing much. It is a great relief to be at this point. It is a privilege to share with Jeff's caregivers that people all over the globe are praying for them and for us. We are grateful for the active participation of prayer warriors!



Anonymous said...

Always, and still, my first line of defense against nausea...coke! And saltine crackers. Hooray for you!

Paul Muganda said...

wishing you a speedy and complete recovery , the first few days are challenging,but with Rehabilitation and Healing ,you will get energetic again!Dr Paul Muganda(former intern 2001 Tenwek -kenya)