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12 September, 2012

A story worth repeating . . . .

Grace.  A “simple” single-syllable word.  Easily spoken.  Freely offered.  Difficult to grasp while easy to overlook.  Too often missed.  The difference between life and death.  Grace.

We heard a teenager’s testimony today.  It told a story Jesus allowed to be written into one’s life.  A story of lies, shame, self-defeat and a slow death of spirit. A story of the Redeemer freely extending grace and redeeming one’s story so one can forevermore live in freedom of forgiveness.  A story which, when shared, extended grace in Truth so clearly that others began (maybe for the first time) to believe they are not beyond forgiveness; maybe they too can know the redemptive work of the One that gives grace and forgives.  They can know Truth and live in Him, abiding in His redemptive clothing (grace and forgiveness).  It is a message worth sharing.  The message we are here to live and share.

We heard a testimony today.  We worshipped our Redeemer.  We cried.  We hugged.  We rejoiced.  Our Redeemer lives, and because He lives I can face tomorrow without condemnation.  Grace.  A story worth repeating.


Mike Henderson said...

Blessings to you in your study and preparation. Hope to see you in late October.

Carmen Baker said...

Thank you for "repeating" this story! It is so wonderful to hear how God is moving and answering prayer! Thank you for your commitment to His cause!