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23 September, 2012

Unity, can it happen?

 This weekend we had the privilege of gathering for the first time with our “new team”, the Uganda team of World Gospel Mission missionaries (see picture at right) .   In addition to team members serving in and around Kampala, there are several who base their ministries in other cities around the country.   

The backgrounds from which our team members come are diverse, the locations in which each of us serve are diverse and the ministries in which we serve are unique.   Such diversity!

In scripture we can find diversity among many of the stories we are familiar with.    The disciples came from different backgrounds and different vocations.  They had different ideas as to how to accomplish the work Christ laid out for them.   Even in the midst of this diversity the disciples demonstrated their unity as they followed Christ and as they followed His call to go and make disciples.  

It seems today’s world is more diverse than ever.  Can true unity really happen amidst the differences? Can unity happen in the midst of this diversity?   Yes, it can!   We are seeing firsthand development in unity among our missionary team here in Uganda.  God is building unity among us.  This unity will strengthen the ministries God has called us to.  Ministries in which lives lives are being transformed.  

Christine and I are excited to see God at work building unity within our team.   Unity.  Can it happen on the team(s) on which you find yourself?   Your family, at work, at church?    Unity, it can happen!