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09 July, 2015

Another checkpoint completed--Jeff's angiogram

Appointments, visits, diagnostic testing and follow ups. These comprise our current days in preparation for Jeff’s surgery for heart valve replacement and aneurysm repair. In the midst of this busyness we experience peace in the lovely wooded setting of our current dwelling place in the home of dear friends. For now this place is our green pasture and still water. We rest in the care of our Good Shepherd.

Today was Jeff’s pre-surgery angiogram. The intent of this diagnostic test was to find out if any of his coronary arteries have any degree of blockage. If they find any significant coronary artery disease then it might necessitate adding bypass surgery to the open heart surgery scheduled for next month.

So, off to the hospital we went early this morning. Jeff was prepped and the doctor came to talk to us. Soon thereafter Jeff was ushered on into the heart catheterization room. I went to the waiting room. A few moments after I sat down to wait the electricity went off.

I admit to thinking, “This is no different than in Africa!” Later I found out Jeff had the same thought and spoke it out loud to the staff waiting with him in the complete darkness, “This is just like in Africa!” The power outage caused a short delay in getting his procedure started but Jeff’s comment was a conversation starter to the talk that kept him distracted until the power came back on and they could get going with the task at hand.

Jeff came through his procedure well with no complications. The exam revealed Jeff has NO coronary artery disease. The physician pronounced his arteries are “pristine” and without disease. Hooray! This means Jeff will NOT require any bypass procedure added to his surgery. Praise Jesus!

Thank you for praying with us. Thank you for praying for us. We stand in awe of our God and all His good works. His provision is exactly what we need. We rejoice in His care. Tonight, as we lie in this green pasture we will snuggle our backs against our Good Shepherd and sleep in peace.


Bob, Lisa, and Sarah Margaron said...

Praise God! We are rejoicing with you on the results of this morning's procedure. We continue to pray daily for all of you and your caregivers.

Janie B said...

Great news! God has gone before you!

Lynne Barry said...

Continuing prayers for both of you! Even in this crisis you are an inspiration to trust in God! I love you guys!

Adhanom Hidug said...

Great News! Than you Jesus! I had been praying, will keep praying!