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14 July, 2015

Pressing On...

Throughout the past several days we have had many opportunities to explain why we are in Oregon and not in Uganda. Each telling of the story gives us an opportunity to steward it for God’s honor and glory. It is what we want to do; faithfully steward all our King brings to us.

Preparation for surgery instructions include maintaining aerobic exercise, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, getting plenty of rest, keeping all appointments and taking medications prescribed. So while we wait for what we now call, The Day, we are finding a new balance that includes all these things. We are doing our best to keep it real and make it fun.

Fresh blackberries at the top of the hill are a great motivator to walk quickly along the winding gravel road. They don’t get any fresher than straight off the wild vine, sun-kissed to sweetness that is unmatched on grocery shelves. We sweat to get there and back a few times but it is so worth it to have fresh berry smoothies, crisps and freezer jam. These are yummy “rewards.”

Today we allowed each other time and space alone to spend as we each chose. I (as always) chose to stay home while Jeff chose (as usual) to go to a local coffee shop and meet friends. We both took time to mentally and emotionally process what lies ahead of us. We included time to worship, listening to God’s spirit infuse us with courage and strength. God’s word speaks clearly and personally to us. We are in awe of our Great Shepherd, gently leading us onward.

Jeff came home in time for us to share lunch and then we decided to walk in a different setting. It was lovely to briskly walk through riparian forest in the wildlife refuge along the Tualatin River. We experienced Sabbath rest in the close presence of our Creator. It was fun to watch water fowl, admire the beauty of a brightly colored garter snake, chuckle at the water acrobatics of nutria and enjoy the beauty of the grasses and flowers waving in the cooling breeze. As we meandered beside the still waters we felt refreshed. God is meeting us deeply and we are grateful.



Slambert said...

Wow, it sounds like you are enjoying some "carefree timelessness" together with your Creator. While many who look on would wonder how you could be "carefree" at this time, it's no wonder when you read John 15, and realize in Whom you abide. I can think of no finer place than the area in which you are living to enjoy some exercise and fruit of the (blackberry) vine ;)
I will keep you both in prayer. Your family has certainly made an impact on my life, and you have widespread influence.
Thanking God for the peace of Christ that guards your hearts and your minds. Truly, you are in His grip. Thank you for being such faithful ministers!
With much love in Him,