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23 July, 2015


Our theme for this week comes from Isaiah 41:13. We couldn’t have chosen a better theme for here and now had we been seeking one. Actually, it hasn’t occurred to us to have a theme each week. This one came to us as the theme for our denomination’s annual gathering of churches in the northwest U.S. God knows what we need.

The first corporate activity I attended as part of the annual gathering was the women’s banquet. It was great to be in fellowship with many women from Oregon, Washington and Idaho who have hearts for missions. These representatives of Women’s Missionary Fellowship groups in their local areas brought joy to my heart. Hearing of their projects to raise money to support missionaries and their causes stirred my soul. Singing in worship of our God together lifted my heart in praise. Hearing many tell me they are praying much for Jeff and I in this season of waiting and then surgery bolstered my courage, reminding me the Body of Christ is important in conveying his love to his people.

Sunday-Wednesday the evening services provided insight into Scripture and God’s assurance that as we hold his hand he generously shares himself with us. He is infinitely willing and able to provide all we need. He brings a “knowing” to us as we hold his hand. His perfect love casts our all fear and we can courageously move with him as we hold his hand. We benefitted from these reminders. God spoke into us his truth and our souls know his voice. We are stronger and we are grateful.

In between meetings of the gathering we continued our quest to listen and learn what will benefit us along this journey. We strive to keep a balance, studying medical/surgical information as well as contemplating God’s words and those of his messengers. God is transforming our hearts and renewing our minds. It’s all good.

And for Jeff, it seems God will also use woven dacron and a mechanical valve as part of heart transformation. God uses all things and he is always for our good. We trust him.

What is your weekly theme? What is God using in transforming your heart?